About Our Team

The Clackamas County Youth Action Board (YAB) was founded in December 2019 to assist Clackamas County Health, Housing, and Human Services (H3S) in bringing youth voice to the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP). The YAB continues to operate and is now dedicated to supporting the County and local organizations in empowering young people and supporting youth voice and choice.

Our Vision


The Clackamas County Youth Action Board (YAB) advocates for youth1 who are experiencing housing instabilityby collaborating on youth-driven solutions that empower young people to exercise their rights, utilize community resources, and to bring issues around youth housing instability and its effects to the public eye, through outreach, engagement, and education. The YAB strives to lower barriers, improve accessibility, and encourages housing services to implement practices to accommodate diverse abilities and experiences.


 1  We focus on minors and young adults ages 13-25.

 2  Housing instability includes homelessness, “doubling up,” threat of homelessness, and unsafe housing situations.

Our Mission

 The Clackamas County Youth Action Board envisions a community where youth from all backgrounds are empowered to take action and easily access appropriate and timely housing support services in order to set themselves up for a successful future as independent young adults. We strive to dismantle the perception that young people experiencing issues are “delinquents” or “burnouts.” We envision a community where youth voice is heard, rights are respected, needs are met, and experiences are validated. We believe everyone has a right to a “safe home” regardless of ability, identity, or circumstances.

Happy Family












Respect identities & experiences

Respect confidentiality

Be supportive

Practice self-care

Respect boundaries

Use “I” statements

Ask questions

Take space, make space

Everyone has a right to a

safe home regardless of

ability, identity, or circumstances.

Commitment to Trauma Informed Action

Share the story, not the novel

Avoid the gory details

Make your boundaries known

Make a commitment to continue learning about how to make each other more comfortable

Identify another person on the YAB to help advocate for you