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The Clackamas County Youth Action Board is looking to recruit new members. As a YAB member, you will be working with a diverse group of peers to advise local organizations, shape community programs, and collaborate to solve social justice issues affecting youth. The Youth Action Board currently meets twice a week; Tuesdays and Thursdays 4PM-5PM with additional optional opportunities to get involved. Our Thursday meeting is dedicated to team building and promoting leadership within the group.


Applicants are asked to attend a trial/shadowing period of at least one meeting per week for four weeks. This gives us time to get to know each other and for you to decide if you’d like to commit to becoming a member. Applicants are compensated monthly at a rate of $25/hr in Fred Meyer gift cards. At the end of the first four weeks, applicants will participate in a brief group interview. YAB members are compensated bi-weekly at the same rate ($25/hr) by check through Clackamas County.


Applicant Requirements


  • Between 14-25 years old

  • Experience navigating homelessness or housing instability (housing instability can include struggling to pay rent, couch surfing, feeling unsafe at home, etc.) 

  • Have a connection to Clackamas County (currently or used to live or work here, family from here, etc.)

  • Must be willing to commit to attending weekly YAB meetings

  • Must be willing to learn and take on additional responsibilities such as facilitating meetings, participating in community coalitions, attending work groups

  • Commitment to equity and creating a safe environment for everyone


Preferred Qualifications


Clackamas County is committed to ensuring diverse cultures, perspectives and experiences are represented on the Youth Action Board.

  • Identify as/belong to a traditionally underserved population such as LGBTQ+, communities of color, pregnant and/or parenting, a minor experiencing homelessness, involvement with foster care,

  • Have personal or familial experience struggling with/within recovery from mental health disorders, struggling with/in recovery from substance use disorders, criminal or juvenile justice involvement, survivor of domestic violence and/or abuse, and/or survivor of sexual trafficking and/or exploitation


The Clackamas YAB would like to expand the representation and diversity of the YAB. We strongly encourage people of color, people of diverse gender identities, young parents, people with different abilities, and youth with lived experiences of homelessness to apply to join the YAB. 


*Please note applicants & YAB members will not be asked to share information and/or experiences considered to be personal unless they are comfortable doing so. Additionally, criminal or juvenile justice involvement will not necessarily exclude applicants from becoming a YAB member.


We encourage applicants to familiarize themselves with the Youth Action Board’s projects, mission, vision, group agreements, core values, and commitment to trauma-informed action. When you’re ready to apply, fill out the survey below, and a YAB member will be in touch at our earliest convenience.

Click the 'Apply' button below to be directed to an application survey

New members participate in a casual group interview after shadowing for 4 weeks.


Interview Questions

What’s one thing have you learned so far?

What made you interested in this type of work?

What aspects/activities would you most like to be involved in? What aspects/activities would you prefer not to be involved in?

What does equity mean to you? 

What changes would you like to see for YAB?

Are you comfortable talking about your personal experience with housing instability? If so, can you briefly summarize your experience in a way that’s comfortable for you? It is okay to pass.

Are you able to commit to attending weekly YAB meetings?

If something comes up, can you agree to text the group?

We Need You on our team!