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Clackamas County Youth Action Board

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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The Youth Action Board is an advisory board of Clackamas County, offering consultation to the County and local organizations on elevating youth voice, combatting adultism, and implementing equitable youth services. The Youth Action Board can also help youth connect with resources regarding homelessness, mental health, and related issues. If you, your organization, or someone you know is interested in working with the Youth Action Board, please email us at clackamas.y.a.b@gmail.com,

The YAB was founded in December 2019, and has since strived to elevate youth voice by collaborating on the following community projects:

  • Clackamas Community Alliance
    An initiative led by Children Family and Community Connections (CFCC) to address alcohol & drug abuse in rural areas of Clackamas County through early intervention and education. YAB members gave feedback on programs and shared lived experience to improve delivery of services.

  • Clackamas County Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP)
    A federally funded program within Clackamas County to support local organizations in establishing two project types to address youth homelessness. YAB members helped draft a coordinated community plan, request for proposals, job descriptions, participated in group interviews, and assisted with the overall planning and implementation of projects.

  • Clackamas Workforce Partnership Youth Advisory Board
    The Clackamas County Youth Action Board served as consultants to Clackamas Workforce partnership to support them in starting a youth advisory board at their organization.

  • Lincoln County Youth Action Board
    The Clackamas County Youth Action Board served as consultants to Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon to support them in starting a youth action board in Lincoln County.

  • New Avenues for Youth Alba Collaborative Youth Action Board
    The Clackamas County Youth Action Board served as consultants to New Avenues for Youth to support them in starting a youth action board within the Alba Collaborative.

  • Oregon Department of Human Services Foster Youth to Independence (FYI) Project
    An initiative to support foster youth transitioning out of care in accessing resources and gaining independence. YAB members assisted with the development and implementation of the FYI project.

  • Oregon Healthy Transitions Project
    5 year SAMHSA grant designed to bring together a broad array of thought leaders from across the state to connect systems and organizations, identify challenges, make recommendations at the state level, and influence policy related to the mental health services cliff that transition age youth face.

  • Oregon Statewide Youth Action Board
    An opportunity that allows for voices of young leaders from all corners of the state to be heard, and provide a forum to not only assist with statewide programming and feedback, but also offer opportunities for like-minded leaders to gain experience in self advocacy. YAB members served as consultants to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to support them in starting a statewide youth action board.

The YAB participated in the following community coalitions including; 

  • Children’s System of Care (CSAC) Advisory 

  • Continuum of Care (CoC) Steering Committee

  • Homeless Solutions Committee of Clackamas County (HSCCC)

  • Suicide Prevention Coalition of Clackamas County (SPCCC)

  • Supportive Housing Services (SHS) Committee

  • True Colors Youth Action Society (YAS)

  • Youth Service Provider Network (YSPN)

The Clackamas County Youth Action Board is dedicated to supporting organizations in empowering young people and supporting youth voice and choice.

Where are we headed?

The Clackamas County Youth Action Board envisions a community where youth from all backgrounds are empowered to take action and easily access appropriate and timely housing support services in order to set themselves up for a successful future as independent young adults. We strive to dismantle the perception that young people experiencing issues are “delinquents” or “burnouts.” We envision a community where youth voice is heard, rights are respected, needs are met, and experiences are validated. We believe everyone has a right to a “safe home” regardless of ability, identity, or circumstances.

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