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Diversity Students
Clackamas County Youth Action Board

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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The Youth Action Board is an advisory board of Clackamas County, offering consultation to the County and local organizations on elevating youth voice, combatting adultism, and implementing equitable youth services. The Youth Action Board can also help youth connect with resources regarding homelessness, mental health, and related issues. If you, your organization, or someone you know is interested in working with the Youth Action Board, please email us or complete our consultation request form.

The YAB was founded in December 2019, and has since strived to elevate youth voice by collaborating on the following community projects:

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The Clackamas County Youth Action Board is dedicated to supporting organizations in empowering young people and supporting youth voice and choice.

Where are we headed?

The Clackamas County Youth Action Board envisions a community where youth from all backgrounds are empowered to take action and easily access appropriate and timely support services in order to set themselves up for a successful future as independent young adults. We envision a community where youth voice is heard, rights are respected, needs are met, and experiences are validated. We believe everyone has a right to achieve their goals regardless of ability, identity, or circumstances.

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