"YAB Connects" Pilot Program

The Clackamas County Youth Action Board offers consultation for local organizations in Clackamas County and its surrounding areas on elevating youth voice, combatting adultism, and implementing equitable youth services. The Youth Action Board can also help youth connect with resources regarding homelessness, mental health, and related issues.

As the Youth Action Board continues to expand its reach, we realize that our members only represent a small portion of the diverse youth voices in our community. For that reason, as we continue to receive requests to participate in community coalitions, boards, and projects, we plan to connect participants from local youth-serving organizations to these leadership opportunities. 

The YAB will forward requests for youth representation to organizations in the form of a flier or brief job description, which staff can then pass along to the youth participants. If youth are interested in the opportunity, they can reach out to us and we will facilitate a formal introduction between the youth and coalition organizers. Once a youth is connected, we will follow up with the youth representative and coalition organizers to ensure the relationship is going well. 

These are paid opportunities that offer valuable professional experiences and give youth a chance to empower themselves and their communities. 

If your organization is interested in participating in this project, please write to us at clackamas.y.a.b@gmail.com with the email address of the best person at your organization to forward requests to. This is a new project, so we are open to your feedback throughout the process.

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